For patients seeking a way to maintain the alignment of their teeth, we offer various types of retainers in Orem, Utah. Each of these retainers are uniquely designed to ensure your teeth remain in their correct alignment. Our orthodontist will assist you in determining the proper type of retainer best suited for your needs. To learn more or to request an interview with Dr. Robert Taylor, feel free to contact Taylor Family Orthodontics today at 801-226-6611!


The Hawley retainer is the traditional type of retainer. It has a visible wire in front with acrylic that contacts the roof of your mouth. It is generally more durable than the Essix retainer and should last many years if it is well taken care of.


Essix retainers have become very popular because they are clear. They are made of a thin layer of plastic that rigidly holds the teeth in place. They look very similar to Invisalign® so we often call them “Invisalign-type retainers.”


Permanent retainers are made from a small coaxial wire that is glued in place. It is a great option for many people because it cannot be lost or forgotten. They require more diligent brushing and flossing, though. Permanent retainers are usually bonded (glued) to the front four to six teeth because those are the teeth that are most likely to move. Once your bite is aligned, the back teeth tend to stay in place better than the front teeth.