Our orthodontic team is eager to get you started on the journey to a happier, healthier smile. We enjoy working closely with Dr. Taylor and with each patient to ensure they feel valued as a part of our orthodontic family. To inquire about our orthodontic services, or to meet with our orthodontist in Orem, Utah, we invite you to call Taylor Family Orthodontics at 801-226-6611 today!

Meet our amazing team!

Alissa is our wonderful scheduling coordinator. Alissa is relatively new to orthodontics, but is absolutely loving it. Alissa is a great listener and wants everyone to be happy. She is always willing to do what she can to make the situation better and make sure our patients love their experience. Alissa has 4 wonderful children.

Colleen is an amazing person with a ridiculously fun personality and sense of humor. She has been with the office since the very beginning and has served in many roles. Currently, she is our insurance coordinator and knows more about insurance than the companies themselves. Colleen is the type of person that makes everyone else around her feel better about themselves. Those are just a few reasons we love our Colleenie!

Keri is an amazing assistant and is our office “happy police.” She loves to see people happy and will do everything in her power to change things if they are not. Keri has worked in many industries, from real estate to restaurants, but she has found her true love in orthodontics. She has six children and loves to spend time with them. She also is a wonderful cook and is always sharing delicious recipes.

Mady is our newest team member. We are super excited to have Mady with her positive energy and super friendly personality. Mady is a former patient and loved her experience so much, she decided she wants to work in orthodontics. Mady is a full-time student and loves to do just about anything.

Melissa is an amazing assistant and is quite ambitious. She is one of those people who you think must have extra time in her day because of all she accomplishes. From volunteering at schools, to charity events, marathons or Iron Man events, Melissa seems to do it all. Melissa has 3 beautiful children (including a set of twins). Melissa has been assisting in orthodontics off and on for most of her adult life. She loves what she does and really enjoys creating genuine relationships with all our patients.

Miranda is an amazing assistant and the office sweetheart. Miranda has worked in a few different dental specialties, including oral surgery, but she most loves orthodontics. She loves to see the patients gain self-esteem and confidence as they go throughout their treatment. Miranda has four children and keeps very busy working and managing cheerleading schedules.