1. We live by the Golden Rule

“Treat others as you would want to be treated.”

Golden-Rule service:
This means we work extremely hard to make sure you are treated with honesty, kindness and respect. You will not find more personal, caring service anywhere else. The most important thing to us is that our patients are happy!

Golden-Rule orthodontics:
Dr. Robert Taylor truly cares about all his patients and guarantees you will be happy with your treatment! He is firmly committed to quality orthodontics and spends extra time making sure every detail of your treatment is attended to. Much of today’s orthodontic marketing is focused on “faster” or “speed” treatments. While fast is nice, and we go as fast as your body’s biology will safely allow, Dr. Taylor is more concerned about and committed to beautiful, long-lasting and quality orthodontics in Orem, Utah. We will not rush your treatment if it is not the right thing to do. Though we may not have the fastest treatment, we will promise the best treatment!

  1. Dr. Taylor is always available

Dr. Taylor leaves his cell phone number on the answering machine in case you have an emergency after hours.

  1. We offer competitive pricing

Simply put, most orthodontists in the area have similar fees. Having seen many patients over the years who are shopping around, we have come to find out that our fees are similar to or usually a little lower than other quality orthodontic offices. Our fees are based on treatment complexity and treatment time. So a patient who needs treatment for one year will pay less than someone else who needs treatment for two years, and a person who has a simple treatment will pay less than the one who has a complex treatment. By having a consultation with our orthodontist, we can tell you exactly what your treatment options are and what the cost of your treatment would be.

Some people will seek orthodontic treatment where general dentists offer orthodontics to get a lower price. Remember: You get what you pay for! These quotes will usually be less because they do not have the same training and expertise. If you want the best possible, long-lasting and most aesthetic treatment, you should definitely see an orthodontic specialist. An orthodontist will educate you regarding the pros and cons of all your options, be able to spot problems before they begin and ensure you receive the best result possible. Dr. Taylor has seen many patients over the years come to him for second opinions after they have been in treatment from a discount office because they are not happy with their results. Call us at 801-226-6611 today, we guarantee you will love your new smile!

  1. We provide family discounts

We offer family discounts at Taylor Family Orthodontics for existing patients to make sure you are getting the best price. Depending on the treatment, family discounts for comprehensive treatment generally range between $300 and $400. Discounts cannot be combined.

  1. We offer community service discounts (military, police, firemen and teachers)

Dr. Taylor believes servicemen and women are the heart of our society, and they deserve more recognition and reward than they receive. For all military, police, firefighters, teachers and their families, we now offer a standard $500 discount off comprehensive treatment. Discounts cannot be combined.

  1. We love to have fun

We love our patients and like to have fun!

Games and puzzles:
We have a board in our clinic where we post different games and puzzles each month.

Each month we have contests where our patients can win gift cards to use at one of their favorite places.

Brushing club:
Kids who have excellent oral hygiene for four appointments enter our “Good Brushing Club” and receive a gift card for their good work.

Treasure chest:
We know everyone loves a little treat now and then. On our checkout desk, we have a treasure chest filled with treats that anyone is welcome to have … just for fun!