Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff


Libby is our wonderful office manager. Libby worked in the dental field for five years before taking some time off to spend with her family. She has three boys who all have a passion for sports, so most of Libby’s weekends are spent driving the boys to events or at the local baseball fields cheering and keeping stats. Libby decided she missed the dental field, so she returned to work in our office. She absolutely loves orthodontics and the relationships she gets to develop with the patients. She truly loves our patients and does all she can to offer them an incredible experience.


Keri is an amazing assistant and is our office “happy police.” She loves to see people happy and will do everything in her power to change things if they are not. Keri has worked in many industries, from real estate to restaurants, but she has found her true love in orthodontics. She has six children and loves to spend time with them. She also is a wonderful cook and is always sharing delicious recipes.


Miranda is an amazing assistant and the office sweetheart. Miranda has worked in a few different dental specialties, including oral surgery, but she most loves orthodontics. She loves to see the patients gain self-esteem and confidence as they go throughout their treatment. Miranda has four children and keeps very busy working and managing cheerleading schedules.


Colleen is our emeritus staff member. What an amazing person! Colleen worked in the office for 11 years before she was diagnosed with lung cancer. She continued to work faithfully as much as she could during her cancer care, but her health now requires her to focus mostly on her family and treatment. We miss Colleen in her day-to-day activities, but she still does some training and manages a few things behind the scenes because she loves her job and our patients too much to let go completely.


Melissa is an amazing assistant and is quite ambitious. She is one of those people who you think must have extra time in her day because of all she accomplishes. From volunteering at schools, to charity events, marathons or Iron Man events, Melissa seems to do it all. Melissa has 3 beautiful children (including a set of twins). Melissa has been assisting in orthodontics off and on for most of her adult life. She loves what she does and really enjoys creating genuine relationships with all our patients.


Alissa is our wonderful scheduling coordinator. Alissa is relatively new to orthodontics, but is absolutely loving it. Alissa is a great listener and wants everyone to be happy. She is always willing to do what she can to make the situation better and make sure our patients love their experience. Alissa has 4 wonderful children.